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Sabah's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Give The Gift Of Sabah!

It's never been more fun to holiday shop on the Sabah Portal! There are more Sabahs, Babas, Sabah Goods & Market Goods than ever; many things you won't find anywhere else.

So whether you're adding to your wishlist, or checking things off your gift list... we're pretty sure you'll find something fantastic.

Sabah Hudson AW21 188Sabah Hudson AW21 188
Sabah Hudson AW21 191 1Sabah Hudson AW21 191 1

1. The Obvious: SHEARLING!

It's our most popular offering this time of year for good reason. We're starting to run low on inventory in certain colors and critical sizes... shop soon to ensure you get our ultimate holiday gift for loved ones!

Sabah Hudson AW21 279 2Sabah Hudson AW21 279 2
Unnamed 6Unnamed 6

2. Our Most Popular Sabah, EVER.

You can't go wrong with Denali Green -- our most beloved color to date, that suits just about anyone. For a first pair, or a fifth.

171 C82 AD C13 A 4 DC0 8080 F64025 A2 E6 A2171 C82 AD C13 A 4 DC0 8080 F64025 A2 E6 A2
Sabah Hudson AW21 261 1Sabah Hudson AW21 261 1

3. Something You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

Time and time again, folks tell us that our Backgammon boards (available in 3 sizes) make the best gifts. Because you can't find these anywhere else, and they always impress. Enjoy a few friendly rounds of competition in good company this holiday season!

Sabah Hudson AW21 277Sabah Hudson AW21 277
New Sabah Hudson AW21 245New Sabah Hudson AW21 245

4. Under $100 with GREAT Packaging

Our Dueple 3-Pack offers three great colors, made from Merino Wool, and with the cutest sock packaging you've ever seen!

Sabah Hudson AW21 86 1Sabah Hudson AW21 86 1
The sabah dealer dueple cairo socks 7 1The sabah dealer dueple cairo socks 7 1

5. Hats made just for Sabah!

A curation of hats, made-to-order just for Sabah, using traditional techniques, from all around the world. By hand & by name!

Sabah Hudson AW21 117Sabah Hudson AW21 117
Sabah Hudson AW21 233Sabah Hudson AW21 233

6. The Big Daddy... for the Sabah Aficionado.

The first non-footwear item we ever produced. Seven years running, this is the bag that every Sabah Aficionado loves to travel with. And they'll travel with it, forever.

Sabah Hudson AW21 157Sabah Hudson AW21 157
Sabah Hudson AW21 162Sabah Hudson AW21 162

7. For Someone's 2nd, 3rd or 4th Pair!

If your intended recipient already has a pair of Sabahs and loves them, then one of these three colors - Sedona Red, Teton Yellow or Montauk Blue - makes for a great pair number 2.

Sabah Hudson AW21 252Sabah Hudson AW21 252
Sabah Hudson AW21 191 1Sabah Hudson AW21 191 1

8. Stocking Stuffers under $50.

Sabah stocking stuffers! Two of the best sellers from the Sabah Market - Everyday Oil and our Tortoise Lighter - these and more under $50.

Sabah Hudson AW21 8Sabah Hudson AW21 8
Sabah Hudson AW21 241Sabah Hudson AW21 241

9. The most charming gift card you've ever given!

Mini Sabahs in a mini shoe bag. Must we say more?

Sabah Hudson AW21 219 2Sabah Hudson AW21 219 2
Sabah Hudson AW21 216Sabah Hudson AW21 216

10. If You Know, You Know ('IYKYK')

The Marfa Robe from El Cosmico has become an iconic collectible from one of our favorite hotels in the US. Looks as good on, as it does hanging in your bathroom!

Sabah Hudson AW21 318Sabah Hudson AW21 318
Sabah Hudson AW21 316Sabah Hudson AW21 316

11. Because they already have 10 pairs ;)

For the Sabah lover in your life who wants to maintain their collection! Our very own Sabah Cleaner & Conditioner.

Sabah Hudson AW21 210 1Sabah Hudson AW21 210 1
The sabah dealer leather care cleaner shoe kit 11 1The sabah dealer leather care cleaner shoe kit 11 1
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