October is here, and Denali Green is what we grab when the temperature drops and the leaves start to turn. Denali Green is best for doing all your favorite Fall things, like long lunches with friends under heated lamps, crisp afternoon walks with a hot tea or coffee, or even, adventures in the Great Outdoors... like camping in the Cascades!

This is exactly what our friend Brandon did on a weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Brandon is a photographer, writer, creative consultant, and co-founder of Earth\Studies, a collection of things to, use, and wear, when you're out in the world adventuring. See how Brandon & pal, Beija, set up camp in Denali Green. A visual diary, and a few camping tips and tricks below!

"Beija and I drove east from Seattle, over Snoqualmie Pass toward a town called Cle Elum, which means “swift water” in the language of the Kittitas people. From there we pulled off the highway onto a road I won’t tell you about -- one of many secret spots in the central Cascades region."

"When I’m searching for a spot to camp, I’m usually juggling a few factors. I want a good sunset or sunrise, preferably both. I often scan Forest Service roads on Google Maps and look for a spot where there are fewer trees. This usually gets me the sun I’m looking for."

"This particular spot is in a family of off-grid campsites on public land. The clearing faces east toward a steep valley, which stretches open to show spectacular sunsets -- the way only Washington can."

"When I’m car camping, I always overpack. Snow Peak makes the best gear for large, comfy setups like that. There’s nothing like cooking in nature with what almost feels like a real kitchen."

"My current favorite camp meal is just fancy packaged ramen. I always bring shiitake mushrooms and green onions to add some fragrance and depth, and I sub half the water for bone broth, approximating Hakata style ramen, my favorite. I sauté the mushrooms with the whites of the onions, and set them aside once they’re delicately browned. I cook the noodles in the water and bone broth, then divide the soup into bowls, and top with the cooked mushrooms, sprinkling thinly sliced green onion on top."


"I always take a few Earth\Studies products along with me -- tools for people to explore their world with curiosity, creativity and expression. The clothes we make at Earth\Studies always have a lot of pockets, and are cut for movement so they’re perfect at camp where I often end up sitting on a log or scrambling up a hill for views. It’s a lovely feeing switching out of hiking shoes and into Sabahs when it’s time to wind down and chill around camp."

"I go to the mountains to do nothing. It takes a few hours, but once I’ve soaked up enough mountain air and my eyes have adjusted to the long gaze of the horizon, I know I’m getting what I came for. I always bring books which I rarely read. Keeping the fire is my absolute favorite chore and I’m happy to focus on that. Setting up and breaking down camp are oddly some of my favorite parts of a trip too."

"Washington is crazy. I sometimes forget how much a little time in the mountains can do to clear my head of all the pressure of deadlines, traffic, spinach going bad in the fridge, and whatever else. It’s like a magic button."

And that's all for now folks! We hope you feel inspired to get out in the world, in a pair of Denali Green! Be sure to follow Brandon & Earth\Studies on Instagram!

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