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How do I determine my size in Sabahs or Babas?

Please visit our Sizing Guide for more information about sizing.

How do I care for my Sabahs?

To best care for your Sabahs, we suggest you clean them as they get dirty and condition them regularly, or as they appear dry, with a high quality leather conditioner (we like Cadillac, Blackrock and Otterwax products). This will help maintain the texture and beauty of the leather.

SUEDE/NUBUCK: You should avoid applying topical products to suede or nubuck as doing so will disrupt the fibers and matte the suede. Use a brush to care for your suede or nubuck Sabahs. Care should be taken to brush in the same direction. We recommend consulting a local cobbler if your suede or nubuck Sabahs require cleaning/conditioning.

How do I clean my Sabahs if they get dirty?

For dirt/dust/marks from normal wear and tear, first, wipe your Sabahs gently with a dry cloth to remove any dried-on dirt and dust. Then, dampen the cloth with warm water and wipe again. For further cleaning, you may use a mild soap and warm water and then apply a leather conditioner. For extremely dirty or unique Sabah situations (oil, ice cream, red wine, etc. – all the indulgences of life that may find their way onto your Sabahs), we recommend consulting your local cobbler.

SUEDE/NUBUCK: Use a rubber eraser to remove dirt and smudges. Then, brush lightly with a soft brush to revitalize the suede. Consult a cobbler for unique situations.

Are my Sabahs waterproof?

Sabahs are not waterproof; however, if they get wet, do not be concerned as they will dry. If they do get wet, first, remove excess water from the outside of the shoe using a dry rag or towel. Next, absorb the moisture from the inside of the shoe using newspaper or a dry towel. Finally, allow the shoes to dry away from direct sunlight or direct heat sources so they do not shrink and so the leather does not dry out.

Can I waterproof my Sabahs?

Standard leather Sabahs can be made more water resistant, but not completely waterproof by using a non-silicone spray, rain/stain repellant or mink oil found at most shoe repair shops. Please note that the use of mink oil may darken the leather. For suede or nubuck Sabahs, you can use a suede water proofing agent or natural protectant.

SUEDE/NUBUCK: You can use a suede waterproofing agent or natural protectant.

What is the sole made of?

We apply a rubber outsole to every pair of Sabahs to protect the stitching and leather midsole. We initially use soft and thin rubber as not to impede the leather from molding to your feet. Depending on your usage (walking style, frequency, environment, etc.), the original rubber sole may wear away (typically on the heel) or begin to peel back within the first 3-12 months of usage. Peeling may occur because the natural leather midsole will mold to your feet & change with environment but the rubber sole does not.

Do not be alarmed. This is not a defect. The rubber soles can be easily replaced by any cobbler and, once replaced, the new rubber soles will be thicker/stiffer and therefore last longer and not peel away like your first set of rubber soles.

Note: it is important to replace the rubber soles as soon as they begin to wear down otherwise you may compromise the stitching and leather midsole and ultimate integrity of the Sabah.

Like any high quality leather shoes, soles should be replaced as needed to maximize the life of your Sabahs.

Please note that we do not put a rubber outsole on Babas (our backless slippers). They are produced with a thick buffalo sole (or in the case of our El Paso Baba, bull sole) with a small heel for extra durability. We believe this makes them more comfortable, versatile (indoor/outdoor) and the sole is plenty resilient. A rubber outsole may be added to your Babas if the leather sole wears thin with wear & use.

Can I resole my Sabahs?

Yes, the rubber sole on your Sabahs protects the traditional leather sole and can easily be replaced by any cobbler. You should pay attention to the rubber sole, particularly around the heel, to make sure they do not wear away before being replaced as this will expose the leather sole to the ground and result in damage to the Sabahs.

I saw a pair of [red] Sabahs on your Instagram, but I do not see them on the Portal. Are they still available?

Only colors currently presented in our Portal are available to purchase immediately or reserve. Any pairs featured elsewhere but not on the Portal may be from a prior collection or limited release.

Can I place an order for a color not featured on the Portal?

Sabah carries a core collection of classic colors all the time as well as changing seasonal collections. Due to our leather sourcing schedule and limited supply, we can only make Sabahs that are a part of these offerings at any given time. We are always eager to learn more about a color that interests you, however. Please contact thedealer@sabah.am regarding your color preference so we may note it for future collections.

My Sabahs have arrived and they look different from the pair featured online.

Colors may look different in person than they do online. We do our best to provide digital images of each pair that best depict the color in-person. Please note that dye lots vary from batch to batch and the natural grain pattern of each individual hide and different parts of the hide may result in slight variations of color and texture. We carefully review each pair for quality in Turkey and NYC. Should you feel your pair has arrived with an imperfection, please contact portal@sabah.am.

I bought Sabahs several years ago in (color). You feature that same style today but the color looks different.

With each visit to the leather market, we source the best leathers that we can find in Istanbul. Any changes in color from season to season for our core collections and other popular colors relate to our commitment to quality, longevity, and the perfect hue.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

Are Sabahs shipped from Turkey to my address?

No, Sabahs are handmade in Turkey and then shipped to New York for a final quality check. The Sabahs are then shipped to the customer's address, available for pick up at the Sabah House, or sent via local courier within Manhattan.

Do you cover duties and taxes for international shipments?

No, Sabah is not responsible for any duties or taxes imposed by the recipient’s country. If any such duties or taxes are imposed, you, the customer, will be responsible for paying them. In addition, Sabah is not responsible for any delays due to packages held in customs. Finally, it is the customer’s obligation to provide as much contact information as possible to ensure timely delivery from our international courier.

International shipments may be subject to customs fees and import duties of the country to which your order is shipped to. The courier will charge you any taxes or customs directly. As taxes and customs depend on the product category as well as the declared amount, we are not able to provide you with any further details. We recommend you consult your local Customs office, which will happily assist you with further information.

Can I return Sabahs purchased through the Portal at a Sabah Store location?

Yes, you can bring Sabahs ordered through the Portal into any Sabah House, Sabah Shop or Pop-up to be exchanged or returned.

Can I exchange my Sabahs if I bought the wrong size?

Yes, we accept exchanges for any reason within 30 days of receiving them as long as the Sabahs have not been worn outside or stretched out while testing them indoors. To initiate an exchange, please email portal@sabah.am. or visit the Sabah House directly.

Can I return my Sabahs for a refund?

Yes, we only want satisfied and happy Sabah customers. You can return your pair within 30 days of receiving them as long as the Sabahs have not been worn outside or stretched out while testing them indoors. Please email portal@sabah.am. to initiate a return.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we offer gift cards. You can add one to your cart, the way you would add a pair of shoes or other merchandise. We will contact you within 1-2 business days of receiving your order with next steps. Gift Cards are available here.

Can I cancel or change my order?

We ultimately want you to have that pair that you will wear and enjoy often. If you would like to cancel or change your order, please contact portal@sabah.am.