Our chart takes into account Sabahs should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing up for women and down for men.

Sabah Blend by Bellocq Tea £28

Our very own Sabah tea blend, made in collaboration with our friends at Bellocq tea. The Sabah Blend, or 'Traveler's Chai' is infused with rose blossoms, cardamon, osmanthus, frankincense and citrus, and draws inspiration from the spices and treasure contained within the great Silk Road caravans. Stop by Sabah House New York for a cup of tea on us!
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3 oz. / 86 g / 4.75 inches tall
organic rooibos
organic ginger
organic lavender
rose blossoms
organic cassia
rose petals
black pepper
organic cardamom
organic cinnamon
ceder tips
natural essences
How-to use
1-2 teaspoons per 8 oz
250 ml water
brew at 190 degrees F for 4-6 min