Our chart takes into account Sabahs should fit snug as they will stretch. If you are between sizes, we suggested sizing up for women and down for men.

Sabah Sun, Santa Fe £230

Sabah Sun is here! Our very own collection of sunglasses, handmade in Italy, inspired by heritage, round frames and given a distinct Sabah touch. The Santa Fe color way is one of our favorites, featuring an earthy amber tone with a semi-matte finish that draws influence from the desert landscapes of Santa Fe. The Sabah Sun collection is produced in Italy by a team of experienced master craftsmen using only the finest materials and newest eyewear technology. From the gold drill pins and hand polished 8mm heritage acetate to the premium core wire and standard-setting Carl Zeiss lenses, we took every detail into account.
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Acetate Carl Zeiss Lenses with 100% UV protection
premium hardware including rivet pins
hinge screws
core wire
Made in
Valdobbiadene, Italy
What’s Included
custom leather case and Sabah blue box
custom printed cleaning cloth
Size & Fit
One size fits all (unisex)
designed to fit most face types. Temples are adjustable at most opticians
Carry in case when not in use
avoid wearing on top of head
always clean lenses with the cleaning cloth as other fabrics might scratch the lens
When folding them up, the Right arm should fold in first and the LEFT arm should sit on the outside. Sabah Sun is designed to fold this way (and most sunglasses are!)
Dealer’s Notes
Frames can be used with prescription RX or prescription Sun lenses
A Note from The Sabah Dealer

Introducing Sabah Sun, our very own collection of sunglasses, handmade in Italy, inspired by heritage, round frames and given a distinct Sabah expression. Our vision with Sabah Sun was to create a classic, timeless look, with subtle details that stand apart. We wanted to produce a pair of sunglasses with the quality of craft & materials of the most premium eyewear, but delivered at a price point that conveys high value to our customers, just like Sabahs themselves.

The Sabah Sun collection is handmade in Italy using the finest materials. The foundation of the frame and interior architecture were just as important as the visible exterior. When you hold these glasses in your hand, they feel substantial. On your face, they give a classic, distinguished look. The small details combine traditional and modern elements like the unique weight of our acetate frames, 8mm thick and hand-polished to have smooth, round edges like an adobe wall — communicating quality and strength without being overbearing or heavy.

The noticeably recessed lenses & defined nose bridge create depth and angles reminiscent of contemporary architecture. We've used Carl Zeiss lenses, some of the best in the industry, with 100% UV protection & anti-reflective coating, and have chosen lens shades that give subtle, yet cool contrast to the acetate frames. Finally, the temple tips — that run back behind your ears — are injected with a patterned premium core wire for strength & style and hand-polished with an asymmetrical, wave-like design that highlights the nature of handmade, and gives an organic and hand-carved feel. They are custom-designed and unique to Sabah.

Sabah Sun, like our shoes, is meant for everyone -- one size fits all, and a shape designed to look good on as many face types as possible. A pair of sunglasses that are casual, but cool -- great for around the neighborhood or an adventure afar, dressed up and dressed down. And to ultimately add to your own independent expression.

Read more about the making of Sabah Sun on The Sabah Journal below.