By Hand and By Name

An exciting end to 2021, over a year in the making, we are so proud to present six unique pieces by Rrres, a design studio based in Oaxaca, Mexico that works with local artisans to produce a range of textiles, ceramics and art pieces.

Specifically, Sabah commissioned three wool rugs & three vases designed by Rrres.

Each rug (for which there is only 1 available) was handmade on a pedal loom by Zapotec weavers working in their community in Oaxaca. And each vase (2 available per style) is handmade, using locally sourced materials by Oaxacan ceramicists, Leticia and Leopoldo Eliodoro.

We love Rrres because Javier and his artisan partners understand great things take time & care. Every piece was made-to-order for Sabah, with no two being identical as each production bears the unique hand of the artisan responsible for it. The result are stunning pieces that serve both function & form, much like a pair of Sabahs

Below, we've shared a visual diary of Javier, his artisan partners and the results of their work. Enjoy.

And please don't hesitate to write us if you have any questions about the pieces available on the Sabah Portal,


Contradictory 01 Red Vase by RrresContradictory 04 Red Vase by RrresContradictory 02 Red Vase by RrresInner Content 02 Wool Rug by RrresInner Content 05 Wool Rug By RrresSan Marcos 02 Wool Rug By Rrres