Our tried and true Shearling Babas are back for the fourth season and we’d like you to know... they’re as cozy as ever!

We imagine our Shearling Babas worn across a variety of situations and styles, so we planned a weekend Upstate to one of our very favorite getaways, the Deer Mountain Inn - it’s the kind of place you step into, and feel instantly transported. A portal to another dimension of warmth, hospitality, style and vibration.

The Deer Mountain Inn is the kind of place you can take off your boots and slip into Shearling Babas for the entire weekend, from breakfast in bed to lazy days reading and commiserating, to dinner, drinks and an evening of frivolity in their tucked away, upstairs lounge.

So we did exactly that… four friends, four Shearling Babas and an incredible host in Ernesto, who manages the property and ensures every stay feels like a beautiful dream from which you just woke up.

Enjoy a mostly visual, lightly contextual recap of our weekend below. Then get yourself some Babas and book a weekend stay!

Fireside With A Mountain View!

Upon arrival, we slipped into our outdoor gear and made our way up the mountain (by car... you wouldn’t want to hike in Shearling Babas!) where we setup evening camp. A crackling fire, a good bottle of Barolo, Johnny Cash on the radio, and Fort Worth Brown Babas on our feet.

Cheers From The Mezcal Bar!

Arguably the prettiest room in the hotel is the pocket bar tucked around the corner from the main dining room. Here, Ernesto prepared smoky Mezcal spritz cocktails (recipe below, and linked here) while we played backgammon and carried on the night … big laughs, big rolls, and a big time. We eventually made our way up the attic-turned-lounge for a game of pool and some more good fun.

A Little Rest & Relaxation!

Mornings are best spent lazily at the Deer Mountain Inn - for some that’s breakfast in bed, for others that means reading in the sun. One of the best aspects of the Inn is their food program, locally sourced ingredients are made into delicious meals from breakfast through to dinner. You’d be doing yourself a disservice to leave the property to eat!

A Whimsical Walk Around The Grounds!

During the day, we explored the grounds - the Deer Mountain Inn has some of the prettiest landscaping I’ve seen, a mix of whimsical and tailored. We grabbed books and friends and moseyed from one perfect perch to the next.


Take Me To The Babas (MENS, WOMENS).