Our Milano Brown is produced by the same tannery that brings us Talavera Brown and Denali Green. Our Milano Brown leather is made using a full grain hide, drum dyed to achieve a deep saturation of dark brown with a bit of wax for the perfect medium shine. These characteristics guarantee the leather will age beautifully!

The naming process was instinctual. "Milano" seemed to perfectly fit from the very beginning -- a classic Sabah named after a timeless part of the world -- a place full of effortless, sophisticated style and great taste. Never trying too hard, but always looking sharp.

To launch Milano Brown we called upon two Italians living in New York City -- Giada Paoloni and Daniel Emilio Soares -- customers and friends with great style and interesting careers.

Milano Brown is now available on the Sabah Portal and select Sabah House locations.

Meet Giada Paoloni

Giada is freelance photographer and creator of visual content, born and raised in Udine, Italy -- located in the northeast region of Friuli. She collaborates with various restaurants including the popular Il Buco in New York City, among others.

You focus on food and travel photography - how did you first get into that?

I grew up in the Northeast of Italy at my parent’s bakery. Since a young age I have been eating an enormous amount of cake and I have been exposed to beautifully designed food.

When I moved to NY in 2010 I started to work as a waitress and learned to appreciate food even more.

I have always owned a camera since I was little and I studied film photography at school when I was young. I did university of Communication in Gorizia, with some art classes. After that I did a master degree at the IED (European institute of Design) in Milan then worked in fashion as a fashion stylist in a small independent magazine in Milan (Kult Magazine). In 2010 I moved to NY.

It was suppose to be a vacation but I fell in love with the city (NYC) and decided to stay. I worked as a server for a few years, and started shooting restaurants, food and chefs. Then I met Donna Lennard and Roberto Paris and in 2015 and started to work for Il Buco. After that, more restaurants and companies started calling me to work and collaborate with them. Thanks to word of mouth, lot of tutorials on YouTube, and a looot of delicious food.

You also photograph a lot of restaurants. What are some of your favorites in New York?

Il Buco is like my family. A home away from home. I also love Dante and Estela and I feel very lucky to collaborate with them. Also the newly opened 63 Clinton Street. Chef Sam is extremely young and talented.

Photography aside, you seem to have a passion for all things food related (ingredients, producers, etc). Where does that come from?

Many years ago a trip to Italy with Donna Lennard, owner of il Buco, opened my mind about producers and artisans. They are the real heroes behind the scenes. I feel very lucky to be able to always travel and meet them and tell their story with my photography.

I have so much respect for them and learned that nothing good comes out of luck. It is the result of a lot of work, passion, and dedication.

You must travel a lot for work. Where are some of your favorite places to go and why? Where to next?!

Islands are my favorite. For me they are magical, especially the islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

I go there to disconnect from NY and reconnect with nature rhythm.

Next trip I am going to Valle del Carmel and Big Sur at the end of September, another magical place where I go four times a year for work. I can't wait to bring my Sabah shoes with me.

Follow Giada on Instagram here.

Meet Daniel Emilio Soares

Daniel was born and raised in Queens, NY. His father was born in Paris to Portuguese parents and his mother's family is from Puglia, one of our favorite places in Italy. Daniel is the founder of Alimentari Flâneur, a shop based in the Lower East Side of New York City that mimics the kind of experience you'd have stepping into an old world European market. Walk into Alimentari Flâneur and sort through baskets of fresh produce and fruits, discover Italian herbs and other charming goods. Grocery shopping, but a little more romantic! :)

Talk to us about Alimentari Flâneur. What was your inspiration for creating this kind of market?

I wanted to create an immersive and theatrical market that gave people permission to indulge in the intimacy of every day.

Your products are very particular and out of the ordinary. How do you decide what to carry? And how do you pick your vendors / where do they come from?

I always say that I like to source products that tell a story. So, if I was traveling in Sevilla and had incredible boquerones, I want to share that with my customers. Many of our provisions are made by friends I’ve broken bread with. Pith speciality goods are made with my love by my friends Jonah & Sarah Reider. Ruby hibiscus water made by Noah Wunsch. Decadent chocolates from Dada by Claire Olshan. Ghia aperitif by Melanie Masarin. The list goes on.

What are a few of your favorite products at Alimentari Flâneur right now?

Excited to tell Melanie that I'm addicted to the Ghia Spritz.

AF is currently located in the LES but you also had another store in Little Italy - two iconic NY hoods. Not to play favorites, but do you prefer one neighborhood over the other? And if so, why?

The Little Italy pop up finished last December actually. Proud to call LES home, though I am a flaneur who loves to wander.

You must travel a lot for work to source your products. Where are some of your favorite places to go and why? Where to next?!

I love visiting my family in Tavira in the Algarve (South of Portugal) and in Bari in Puglia (Italy). There's a quiet, sensual beauty in both places that really centers me.

My next trip is likely going to be a drive to Shelter Island to go visit my lover.

What’s next for you and/or Alimentari Flâneur? Where does it go from here?

A flagship in West Village. Alimentari family olive oil & provisions. A pop up in Paris. A masseria in Puglia & Tavira. That's the goal.

Visit Alimentari Flâneur here.

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