Inside Her Vivid World!

In thinking about spring and the rebirth of our stores, we approached Parisian-based artist Zahra Holm. Her paintings -- bright, abstract and colorful -- share a connection with our Spring colors, specifically our Onda Orange, which is also an important and very present color in her work.

Zahra's art is sunny -- it livens a space and brings a sense of the summer inside. It reminds of us Sabah Season -- and the bright colors that bring a warm expression to our world as well. To celebrate the launch of our Onda Orange Baba, we sent Zahra a pair and asked for a little tour of her world in Paris.

A few words from Zahra below -- we hope you find some inspiration!

"My use of color is very spontaneous and intuitive. I love orange because it’s a joyful color, very vivid, and warm, it’s the sun. I’m very inspired by nature, light and sun. It’s the common thread in all my pieces."

About Zahra

Zahra, originally from Sweden and Tunisia, is a self-taught artist living in Paris. She has a degree in Scenography and Set Design and spent several years working in the cinematic arts. Her work is influenced by the seasons and her own feminine experience -- all of which is abstractly communicated. She uses bright, bold, warm and happy colors while still confronting larger, and important, themes related to perfection and the female form.

"I hope that my work will bring good energies. Uninhibited shapes where colors are playing with each other. A sense of freedom and joy."


Toute Petite Huile PaysageDes Paysages Dans La Tête 9Portrait FemmeFemme LunePortrait Femme 6Toute Petite Huile Portrait 2

For a limited time, we have original paintings exclusively available to our Sabah customers. If you're interested in purchasing Zahra's work, please email for available works and pricing.