We're calling it the Sabah Summer Kit -- a combination of four Sabah items, made for Sabah Travelers -- whether that's traveling afar, in the region, down the street to your local park or even in your own backyard. This combo will serve your Summer well.

The Sabah Summer Kit includes:

(1) A pair of Sabahs/Babas

(2) The Sabah Traveler Bag

(3) The Backgammon Collector's Case

(4) Sabah Sun

Solo, each item serves a distinct purpose, and together, you have everything you need for your next adventure.

We asked four friends of Sabah, who travel frequently, where, why and with what (in addition to their Sabah Summer Kit!), they travel. Enjoy!

Frequent Flyer, Lindsey

Tell us about yourself... "I am a singer /songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York."

Reason for travel... "I travel to escape and to have new experiences to write about."

Always travel with... "I never travel anywhere without a hat, my Sabah wallet, my AirPods, my favorite fragrances, my phone (I’m constantly writing so the notes app is my best friend), and a mango. Mango either whole or dried is my favorite travel snack.

For me, comfort and style go hand in hand. Half of looking good is feeling comfortable and confident. I love denim and mixing and matching bold patterns you may not think go together. Also a hat is a MUST!"

Greatest trip... "The greatest trip I’ve ever taken was in 2019 when I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica with my family. The weather was perfect the people where amazing -- we had the best time."

Where to next... "In September I leave for tour, so I’ll be doing shows all around the US! Follow me on IG to find out when I’ll be in your city."

Shop Lindsey's Look:

Babylon BabaSabah Traveler Bag, BrownBackgammon Collector's CaseSabah Sun, Santa Fe

Frequent Flyer, Lauren:

Tell us about yourself... "I'm a designer, mostly digital, usually products for people. I’m currently working with a crazy talented team building video chat for Facebook Messenger."

Reason for travel... "I travel a lot for work because I get to collaborate with teams all over the world. Stepping off the plane in a foreign place and having no idea what to do next is one of my favorite feelings. Inspiration overload."

Always travel with... "A pair of Sabahs because they go with everything, headphones (usually AirPods but I’m constantly misplacing one in a pocket somewhere so also always a backup corded pair) and music. I like DARKSIDE’s Psychic for navigating JFK coming off a red-eye, The War on Drugs: A Deeper Understanding album for working on the plane, and Sleigh Bells’ Treats for when I’m (literally) running late."

Greatest trip... "Two months motorbiking through Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and all the way up the coast of Vietnam. A highlight was staying with a host family on a remote Vietnamese island. We’d sit under the stars, cross-legged on the floor of their front porch, drinking rice wine and passing the grill around to cook up squid we’d caught that day."

Where to next... "Japan. I’ve never been and want to eat uni in Hokkaido and visit both the Ghilbi Museum and Chichu Art Museums."

Rose SabahSabah Traveler Bag, BrownBackgammon Collector's Set, PurpleSabah Sun, Marfa

Frequent Flyer, Michael:

Tell us about yourself... "I am a FireStarter. I utilize clothing, film and design as platforms to tell stories and spark ideas."

Reason for travel... "I travel to bring Brooklyn to the world and bring the world back to Brooklyn. I travel for work and adventures."

Always travel with... "A book to read, a book to write in, toothpicks, a bucket hat, international currency, and a writing utensil. When I travel, I dress like I’m 'going somewhere'… because I am. I would describe my travel style as Ready-Wear.
Ready to slip thru TSA lines, ready to race to a boarding gate, ready to sweet talk my way to an upgrade, ready to hail a cab in a foreign land, ready to fall in love with the woman having a coffee across from me, ready to connect with my next collaborator… ready for it all."

Greatest trip... "I took a wild trip through Europe where I did a fashion show in northern Italy, took a bus from London to Paris, met some of the coolest people I know today, overcame crazy obstacles to meet deadlines, put on a show that stole the show and made memories that will be written about some day."

Where to next... "Next, I am off to Mexico. The Yucatán."

Onda Orange BabaSabah Traveler Bag, BrownBackgammon Collector's Set, CamelSabah Sun, Marfa

Frequent Flyer, Carlos:

Tell us about yourself... "I am an architect and fragrance developer, creator of ARQUISTE Parfumeur, and Director of Membership at PRIOR, a traveler club for the curious."

Reason for travel... "Discovery! I travel to experience the diverse beauty in the world, to experience new scents, sights and sounds."

Always travel with... "A small notebook for writing down addresses and ideas, a hat, hand sanitizer spray, sunglasses and sunscreen, a navy blazer that I can wear at night but won’t crease if I roll it in a bag and at least one pair of Sabahs. When it comes to wardrobe, I’m a very compact packer. So my travel style usually revolves around a couple of pieces that I’ll combine in different ways. A blue blazer, a pair of leopard print Sabahs, some fun belts from Mexico and Colombia, and Lacoste shirts that can be dressed up or down. I’m fairly classic."

Greatest trip... "Too many great ones. But one of my favorites was two years ago when I toured Italy and France for a month and ended up in Venice with my partner Andrew for a really special week."

Where to next... "Croatia! Dubrovnik and Lopud island with friends!"

Shop Carlos's Look:

Sabah Blue SabahSabah Traveler Bag, BrownBackgammon Collector's Set, BlueSabah Sun, Isola