We packed our bags and headed to Massachusetts to take our new collection of Sabah Sun for a test drive.

Our second collection of Sabah Sun is here, featuring our signature and classic heritage round frame in three new colors inspired by earth tones -- the Manhattan, Palma and Cairo.

Just last week, as the first shipment of our new Sabah Sun arrived, it was also the hottest day of the summer yet.

So we decided to play a little hooky. We packed our bags and hit the road to the Berkshires for an overnight at TOURISTS Hotel, one of our very favorite escapes from the city.

Of course, we took the new Sabah Sun along the with us too... for a test drive.


The full Sabah Sun collection is available on the Sabah Portal and at our Sabah Houses. You can learn more about the making of Sabah Sun here.

We couldn’t arrive empty handed to TOURISTS, so our first stop on the road through the Hudson Valley route was Greig Farms. Where you can "pick your own" -- it was strawberry season. Yum! Snacks for the road and fresh fruit to gift our hosts upon arrival.

After we filled our baskets, we drove to one of our favorite towns along the Hudson River, Tivoli - which happens to also be home to one of our favorite lunch spots — Tivoli General, known for their pastrami sandwiches. Delicious!

After lunch, before the last stretch of the drive, we stopped by Ari’s secret swimming hole. We can’t say the name because, well, it’s a secret...but we definitely recommend finding a cool dip on the way Upstate. There are plenty of great rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.

Finally, we made it to North Adams in West Massachusetts! Greeted by our friends at TOURISTS -- one of our favorite hotels. TOURISTS sits riverside in the Berkshires city of North Adams -- a beautifully designed 48-room property surrounded by various trails, vistas and more. It's cozy in the winter, and a perfect little getaway in the summer season. We arrived, unpacked, and took it easy.

The following day we laid low -- a little coffee, pool and reading before heading out for lunch at Pedrin’s Dairy Bar known for their fried fish and fish 'n' chips. We also enjoyed the fried clams -- we went for the full seafood sampler, as one does summering in the Northeast!

In the afternoon we returned for our last night at TOURISTS -- which started with happy hour on the deck overlooking the creek. We played a few games of backgammon followed by dinner to end the evening at The Airport Rooms. We ordered steaks and burgers and paired it with a delicious Furlani Rosso from Italy. It was a Sabah family affair!

And that's all for now folks! We hope you enjoyed another Sabah summer tour. A few other outtakes below -- cheers!