"If you build it, they will come," they say. So we built a beach on Crosby Street, and turned it into a Sabah Sunday Vacation in celebration of our newest Vacation Babas, Arrival & Departure. Like always, it's our Sabah community, friends and family that makes these events so special. Thank you to those who stopped by!

The Vacation Babas -- the Departure (his, hers) and Arrival (his, hers) are available on the Sabah Portal and our Sabah Houses. It was a Sabah Sunday for the books!

A special shout out to our friend Yair from SUNBOY who provided cocos, and cool summer beverages for the party. SUNBOY kept us feeling fresh on a hot summer afternoon.

Plus a thank you to Elise, our photographer, who documented the entire afternoon. Scroll below for some of our favorite moments and a lots of great summer style.